Pulling Pork - The Wuzhishan

A breed of pig so rare that there are as little as 30 specimens remaining in existence, the Wuzhishan is a breed raised only in the Hainan Province of China.

Pulling Pork - The Guinea Hog

Also known as the Pineywoods Guinea, the Guinea hog is a rare breed of domestic pig that originates from the Guinea Coast of West Africa and one which was once kept by Thomas Jefferson. Read more about the breed below.

Pulling Pork - The Fengjing pig

A domestic breed native to Shanghai in China and capable of having up to 20 piglets per litter, the rather unusual looking, Fengjing pig.

Pulling Pork - The Turopolje pig

A breed of Pig native to Croatia, the Turopolje is one of the oldest breeds of surviving swine in Europe. Learn all about the breed below.

All Things Haulage - Brian Mackin, Mackin Animal Feeds

On ‘All things Haulage’ this week, Kevin speaks to Newry native and long-time haulier, Mr. Brian Mackin. Read about his progression into the industry below.

Pulling Pork - The Mora Romagnola pig

Known by many other names, or simply ‘Mora’, the Mora Romagnola is so rare that by 2012 there were just over 1,000 left in existence. Read all about this unique pig breed below.