Future Farming: MagGrow, the magnetic spraying system, reducing waste through spraying crops.

On Future Farming this week, we look at an exciting new spraying system, available to Irish farmers.

Can it really BEE true?

With all the recent talk and coverage surrounding declining bee populations, I decided to take a look at the hard facts.

77% of farms could reduce pesticides costs without affecting output

A major new study has found that 77% of farms could drastically reduce their pesticide use without affecting productivity.

Sunday Feature: Safety of Glyphosate is still in doubt, despite ECHA findings

Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on the latest glyphosate ruling and what it really means.

Department in hot water over lobbying role on glyphosate ban

Some excellent investigative journalism from the Irish Examiner has uncovered further revelations in relation to lobbying made by glyphosate industry to Department of Agriculture.

Major fox hunt in Western Australia kills 450 in 3 days

Farmers in Western Australia have banded together to rid themselves of feral pests in a 3 day hunt.

Bees on the brink again as pesticide bans are misused and breached

International laws being outwitted by big industry to the detriment of Europe's bees.

Sunday Feature: The Mounting Cost of Farm Chemicals to Public Health

Traces of farm chemicals make their way into our food and drinking water - What is the cost of Farm Chemicals to our Health? Tom Jordan takes a look!