Bird Flu outbreak in US: New strain emerges

A different strain of bird flu has hit the US state of Tennessee.

23,000 chickens put down in suspected bird flu case in UK

The first major cull of domestic birds in the British Isles has occurred.

TF Podcast: Department of Agriculture still have no real plan to deal with bird flu

The IFA’s Nigel Renaghan has lashed out at the Department of Agriculture over its failure to provide any notification, plan or strategy to Irish poultry farmers despite the disease having now reached Ireland.

News Down Under: Hundreds of kangaroo’s die from ‘mystery disease’

The top news from down under: A mystery disease is killing hundreds of kangaroos and no one knows the cause.

Bird Flu outbreak in UK poses major risk for Irish farmers

The outbreak is now a clear and present danger for Irish poultry farmers.

Bird Flu outbreak continues in France, New strain found

A new strain of the disease has been found in France.

Bird Flu outbreak threat getting very real

The threat of a potential outbreak of bird flu in Ireland is a very real and present danger now as the entire area of France is placed on high risk area for the H5N8 virus.

Free range and organic poultry most at risk of contracting bird flu in Ireland

The IFA national poultry chairman Nigel Renaghan has warned that free range poultry may need to be shut in to prevent an outbreak of bird flu in Ireland.