Opinion: Time for 260 farmers with €1,000 each to develop suckler-beef brand

"We take control of our own destiny. We can control costs inside our farm gate but have no control for the price we get outside our gate."

Opinion: Ending the merry-go-round of suckler farming debates

“The balance of power as it currently stands is entirely skewed against the ordinary farmer.”

Opinion: ‘The time has come to put a bit of bite back into our farm lobby’

This grass-fed standard seeks to intrinsically link a by-product of the dairy industry- dairy-beef - with our premium grass-fed suckler beef, writes Dermot Kenneally.

‘In-spec requirements shouldn't be the criteria for all cattle presented for slaughter if all markets don't require these conditions’

Until we get these questions answered, farmers have no control, no say, and no choice, writes Pat Maher.

Opinion: 'As someone who lost their leg around farm machinery, I could not have been more horrified'

"It showcased a young teenager in a piece of machinery that could have cost them their life, if accidentally activated!"

Covid-19: ‘Use this opportunity to do something constructive with your life’

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, but an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.

‘I don’t think the protests are going to make any major impact on prices’

Opinion: 'Farmers who have cattle ready to kill are going to have to bring them to the factory'

Opinion: Is it too much to ask for farmers to be paid fairly?

We are being subsidised for falling into categories and boxes, not for farming, writes Emma McCormack who believes subsidies are "a crutch”.

Poll: Should beef farmers stop rearing dairy-bred calves?

Pearse Kelly- Teagasc has said a dairy farmer would need to pay a beef farmer €140 on top of a Jersey-cross calf to finish him as a 24-month steer at current beef prices.

Opinion: Are stock bulls a solid step on the ladder that we cannot do without?

Does the bull still have a place on modern Irish livestock farms, or has AI sailed miles ahead in recent year? – Emma McCormack – a final-year Agriculture student - shares her views.

Poll: Should suckler farmers receive a payment if their heifer calves before 30-months?

ICSA is proposing a payment of €80/calved suckler herd provided that they calve before 30-months. “It reduces the amount of dry heifers walking around a farm that are unproductive"

Opinion: Veganism destroys people’s jobs, careers and hopes

If veganism really and truly was the way forward, there would be more than just 5% of our global population on the bandwagon, writes Emma McCormack.

"Marts are now paying the price for the expansion of the dairy herd"

I think the day of livestock marts being the lifeblood of Rural Ireland is slowly dying out; the quality of cattle going through marts is declining rapidly , writes Michael Danagher (26).

“Beef farming was never a profit-making system”

Suckler cow numbers are declining rapidly and unless the sector is protected, Ireland will have no quality beef left in the country, writes Michael Danagher.