Trade 'slightly easier' at Dowra

Quality lots were still very much in demand, according to a mart spokesperson.

Headford Mart returns after 8-week closure

Bullocks made up to €3.32/kg in the online sale.

First online sale 'extremely successful' at Mohill

There was a very strong trade for all types of stock, according to a mart spokesperson.

Up to €3.30/kg at Roscommon’s first online weanling sale

Customers viewed the stock before the sale and went online to bid, both at home and on-site

Online system providing a ‘huge success’ with bids from ‘all over the country’

Over 1000 animals were sold through the online mart during the week.

Roscommon Mart holds first online sale of bullocks

“There was a strong trade for all lots with prices averaging from €2.32 per kilo up to €3.30 per kilo with plenty of online bidders."

Kilmallock's first online sale an 'outstanding success'

Weanlings and bullocks averaged €1050/head or €2.53/kg.