Video: Was this excessive use of the whip? Anti-hunt protester beaten by rider

Was the rider right? Was the anti-hunt protestor right you decide

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Andrew Walsh tells us how he prepares for housing his cattle this year and the common things to look out for in this weeks Getting Winter Ready.

TF Podcast: The greatest swindle in farming - Seamus Maye on fifth quarter

Seamus Maye of the ISBA joins us to discuss how farmers are being short changed by the biggest swindle in the farming world; the non payment of fifth quarter by factories on livestock.

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TD Éamon Ó Cuív joins us this morning to talk about the leader funds underspend and why its hurting rural ireland.

My Grazing Week Summer Series on ABC Robotic Grazing

Andrew Walsh is back from his travels in Australia and so begins the summer series of our popular feature.

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Climate change poses not a threat but an opportunity for Ireland's dairy sector. Something different this morning.