Feral pigs a big problem for Banana Farmers

Banana farmers are expressing their frustration, as they count the losses.

News Down Under: New laws for Aussies deadliest piece of farm equipment

An Australian state has introduced new laws to try to curb the number of deaths on farms caused by quad bikes.

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News Down Under: Disabled Farmers returning to work after farm accidents

Australia like Ireland's farm industry has experienced accidents but unlike us many disabled farmers are returning to the industry with the help of modified tractors and smarter safety measures. Kallee Buchanan reports.

News Down Under: Dairy company to track all 400 suppliers herds in real time

We take a look at the farming stories making the headlines with Australian journalist Kallee Buchanan of the ABC. This week a dairy company will track milk quality, animal welfare and sustainability of all its members in real time.

News Down Under: Hundreds of kangaroo’s die from ‘mystery disease’

The top news from down under: A mystery disease is killing hundreds of kangaroos and no one knows the cause.

News Down Under: Police charge six shearers for cruelty to animals

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