News Down Under: Only 14 people charged for stock theft in SA, despite high theft rates

Many livestock has been reported stolen in South Australia, though it has been revealed that only 14 people have been charged as a result.

News Down Under: Getting fit, by farming vegetables.

A new initiative has been set up, helping people get fit, while teaching them how to farm vegetables.

News Down Under: Doctors get training to help deal with farm accidents.

This week, we hear all about a new learning initiative to help doctors deal with farm accidents.

News Down Under: Mass land clearing causes Wombat massacre

Mass land clearing has resulted in devastation for the wombat populations.

News Down Under: Meet the 28-year-old man farming over 8,000 cattle

This week on News Down under, meet the 28-year-old who now manages a farm of over 8,000 cattle.

News Down Under: Chinese buying vast land areas need to be stopped

Calls have been made to implement harsher foreign ownership rules, as China continue to increase its stakes in Australia.