VIDEO: Moving away from excessive inputs on 320-acre tillage farm

He has been practicing no-till cereals for a good number of years.

PHOTOS: ‘Exceptional’ residence on 6-acres guiding at €795,000

“Harnessing every modern construction material and technique, it boasts an incredible B1 energy rating, owing in no part to the extensive insulation, triple glazing and more.”

Exclusive: Twin sisters give birth to twin and triplet calves

The twin heifers were purchased as suck calves.

VIDEO: Diversity the key to success on Kildare native's mixed farm

He sells beef directly, supplies lamb to ICM, runs a veg box scheme, has 12-acres in forestry and sells oats to Flavahans.

VIDEO: ‘When I got testicular cancer, I thought that it could never happen to me’

"That’s why it’s so important for men over 50 to be aware of prostate cancer and speak to their GP about PSA testing.”

PHOTOS: 80-acre farm guiding at €960,000

Outbuildings include two 4-span hay barns with lean-tos; a cattle crush; dungstead and old stables.

VIDEO: Robot with global 'potential' designed to 'revolutionise' poultry industry

The company is collaborating with a large poultry processor and using its technology to continuously gather data from birds, providing feedback that could help the poultry processor to significantly reduce its costs.