Curlew project in Roscommon reaping big rewards

A Curlew pilot project in Roscommon has been hailed as a big success.

Opinion: The Department are not facing facts when it comes to climate change

Green Party spokesperson on Agriculture and animal welfare Pippa Hackett shares her thoughts on climate change and farming and just why the department are failing small farmers.

Sunday Feature: The humble bee is making a recovery in the US and it’s a help for us all

In this week's Sunday Feature, we look at the welcoming increase of honeybee populations.

10 ways you can tell, farming's just the best!

On this week's Ten ways you can tell, we look at farming with a bit more positivity and why its better than the rest!

Thats farming best of the week

Have we found the new David Attenborough? or his poorer fist cousin?

Bealtaine- Living Earth Festival 2017

The 13th annual Bealtaine Living Earth festival will take place on May 20th to May 28th, free of charge to all interested.

Worms: the farmers friend

Worms are one of the most important animals on the planet and you know what every farmer needs to respect and learn to love them.

Sunday Feature: Country Life and the dawn of spring

Spring has come and Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on the wonderful season for this week's Sunday Feature.

TF Podcast: Vito Buonsante on protecting our bee's from collapse

Author and lawyer Vito Buonsante joins the TF Podcast to talk his recent report into breaches of EU pesticide bans leading to colony collapse in bee's.

Badger TB vaccine program to be stepped up

The Departments badger vaccine program is to be stepped up across 6 counties.

Glas payments to get underway before end of year says Minister

The much maligned scheme will finally start to pay farmers.

Birdwatch Ireland attacks Tipperary Star over misleading article on buzzards

The article in question claims buzzards attacked and killed a terrier dog.

UK call for natural flood defences could also work in Ireland

With both Ireland and the UK experiencing several bad years of flooding a UK report has recommended natural flood defenses something which could also have applications in Ireland.

Top Things to do this Weekend

We’ve got you covered this weekend on things to do. There’s something happening for everyone so get involved: