National Reserve open for 2017

Back in business baby!

TF Podcast: Sean Finan on National Reserve and tackling Old Young farmers issue for good

National President of Macra Sean Finan joins us to talk about last week's announcement of funding to the national reserve and tackling the old young farmers issue once and for all.

Forgotten Farmers: Brussels is not to blame and the money is there, so please no more excuses Minister

Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on today's announcement of funding for the National Reserve and on those who will not benefit from it.

National Reserve to be funded by €5m but does it help everyone?

The Minister will launch the new National Reserve Scheme fund today but questions still remain over its help for all young farmers.

INHFA call for 'major change' to funding of national reserve

The farming body have called on the Department to have a major change on funding of national reserve.

Creed's response to Young Farmers investigation too little

We finally received some answers from the Minister's office about the Young Farmer issues. Decide for yourself, are these excuses enough?