'It is disappointing that the base price is still very poor'

Beefing another batch, culling empty cows, emptying slurry tanks and more

‘I don’t think the protests are going to make any major impact on prices’

Opinion: 'Farmers who have cattle ready to kill are going to have to bring them to the factory'

Beef Update: Repairing silage equipment and dosing

‘We are already up on silage from last year so we shouldn't have to buy in any for the winter’

Beef Update: Scanning cows, spraying and turf!

Topping paddocks, a restricted herd, spreading fertiliser and more.

Beef Update: Culling cows and purchasing bull weanlings

Spreading slurry and fertiliser, dehorning calves, new mineral buckets, separating bullocks and more!

Beef Update: Good grass growth and dosing cattle

Silage 2019, topping, spreading fertiliser and slurry, an on-farm event, beef prices and more!

Beef Update: A new machinery shed and purchasing calves

Spreading dung, dehorning calves, fixing fences, spreading fertiliser, closing off fields for silage and more!

Beef Update: Sourcing recipient heifers and power-washing

The main purpose of going back to pedigree breeding is to produce our own stock bulls, writes Michael Danagher.

Beef Update: Fibrosis of the udder and turnout continues

Calving, spreading fertiliser, power-washing and disinfecting sheds, replacing old barriers and more!

Beef Update: Reseeding grassland and creep-feeding calves

New lick buckets, protecting calves against Coccidiosis, re-fencing ground, purchasing calves and more!

Beef Update: ‘We are at the mercy of the factories’

Failing to get cattle killed, re-housing suckler pairings, collecting breeding heifers, spreading fertiliser, building a new shed and more.

Beef Update: Turning cattle out, bloat and vaccinating stock

Breeding females showing signs of heat, purchasing, tagging and registering calves, dosing bullocks, spreading fertiliser, rolling land and more.

Beef Update: Turning cattle out to grass and purchasing pedigree heifers

Improved ground and weather conditions, spreading urea, calving, AI’ing heifers, dismantling old fences, sourcing hay and more.

Beef Update: Re-housing stock, tail painting and purchasing replacements

Castrating bulls, calving, repairing machinery, purchasing stock, poor ground and weathers conditions and more!

Beef Update: Re-housing stock and a new pre-calving feeding strategy

Earmarking replacement heifers, the arrival of snow, finishing heifers, calving, collecting hay bales, purchasing calves and building a new shed – see more here.

Beef Update: A visit from a chiropractor, rolling ground and spreading slurry

Signing-up for the BEEP scheme, purchasing a new weighing scales, turning cows out to pasture, plans to build a new shed and more!

Beef Update: Low silage reserves, agitating slurry and strip-grazing bullocks

We are running low on silage so we are letting as many animals as possible out to grass, writes Michael Danagher. Other jobs this week include tagging calves, collecting hay and dairy calves.