Weird Sheep Breeds - The Teeswater

This week’s featured breed is a breed now listed as vulnerable and hailing from the UK, the rare and long, curly fleeced breed, the Teeswater.

Pulling Pork - The Fengjing pig

A domestic breed native to Shanghai in China and capable of having up to 20 piglets per litter, the rather unusual looking, Fengjing pig.

All Things Haulage - Colm Sherlock

This week, Kevin speaks to a third-generation haulier from Co. Meath, Mr. Colm Sherlock of Sherlock International. Read about his ‘journey’ below!

Weird Cow Breeds: Introducing the Dexter, the miniature bovine which comes from Ireland!

This week after Kevin’s trip down to one of Ireland’s largest Dexter farms, we profile the miniature breed that is the Dexter.

The future of meat packing? Full operated robot plant

Not a single hand touches the meat until it reaches the butcher shop. Read more about the new tech here!