€590 for 1-month-old Charolais calf at Ennis

“Trade in the bulls was a shade easier but quality lots are holding a fine price, especially the lighter lots.”

Up to €4.98/kg for weanlings at Headford

The sale-topper, a second prize-winner, came in the form of a LMX, weighing 275kg.

Plainer cattle easier by €10-€20/head at Carnew

Quinn reported a “very strong” for quality continental lots and all classes of beef cattle.

NI activity at Ennis impacted by currency swings

Trade for store heifers and top-quality cows held “well”, but other categories were back by about €15-€20/hd.

‘Remarkable’ trade for weanlings at Headford

Weanlings sold from €1.86-€3.39/kg, according to Wynne.

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‘More quality cattle required to meet demand’

"Buyers were also eager to purchase AA-bred cattle.”

Strong northern demand for quality forward stores and beef cattle at Carnew

Beef bullocks hit €1,680, while heifers sold to €1,440 and calves peaked at €445.

€600 for 3-month-old calf at Ennis

Trade was strong for both bull and heifer weanling rings, according to a spokesperson.

Over 40% of culls at Ennis purchased by customers who did not view prior to sale

“It must be said that the online sale proved very popular and both regular and new customers competed very well.”

Quality calves up €10-€20/hd at Ennis

Poor calves were a “tough trade as usual”.

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Weanlings make from €1.19-€3.26/kg at Headford

Bullocks ranged from €1.33-€2.70/kg, while heifers sold from €1.38-€2.36/kg

Stores lambs improve by €2-€4/head at Baltinglass

'Our 35th Annual Sheep Breeders' Show and Sale turned out very successful and met with a near-complete clearance'

Good quality sheep and cattle at Maam Cross

Bull weanlings made from €2.37/kg to €3.18/kg

Lambs up by €3 - €5/head at Baltinglass

Heavy cattle were easier by €10 - €15/head

Strong demand for quality lots at Kilkenny

“The light Friesian bullock and dairy-influenced Aberdeen Angus and Herefords were the hardest to rehome” – Candler

Talking Trade: Northern customers for quality store heifers

Quality lots improved by €20-€50/head this week, while demand is poor for light-weight cattle and those with strong dairy-influence.