Improved trade for quality bullocks & bull weanlings at Dowra

“Cattle numbers still remain big but trade was slightly better” Heifers weanlings sold to €1,250 (pictured); dry cows peaked at €1,200 & bullocks made up to €1305.

€2,120 for in-calf heifer at Ennis

"Numbers are beginning to fall off, with trade holding good in the bulls with the exception of the average quality heavy bulls. Heifers were easier with quality lots holding strong”

Talking Trade: Sale sizes continue to decrease

Quality lots held firm, while plainer and lighter types remained difficult to sell. There is strong interest in quality suckler lots at present.

Talking Trade: More customers present for plainer cattle

Large entries of cattle were reported across the majority of venues, with a firm trade for quality types. More farmers were present at the ringside.

Talking Trade: Increased buyer activity at marts

A firm trade was reported for factory-fit and forward store bullocks and heifers. More farmer customers and feedlot purchasers were present.