Over 2,000 cattle offered for sale at Carnaross

“Both weanling bulls and heifers saw a very lively trade, with farmers paying up to €3.10/kg. for top weanlings. Live exporters also were very active”

Good demand for heifers over 350kgs at Ennis

Some 1,100 entries including 280 calves went under the hammer; suckler pairs sold to €1,980, while calves hit €400 and dairy stock peaked at €1,590.

Bullocks sell to €798 over at Headford

Heifers sold to €790 over, weanling heifers reached €635 over and weanling bulls made up to €658 over.

Steady trade for cattle at Tuam

Bullocks sold to €1,650, heifers hit €1,460 and cull cows topped out at €1,550. Lambs made up to €70 with the weight, while old ewes peaked at €122.

Farmers, agents and exporters active for stores at Castlerea

“Suck calves and runners also reported good clearances with some exporters in attendance for the suck calves on offer” – Brendan Egan

“A solid rather than spectacular trade” at Kilkenny

“A number of agents have suggested that many of their customers are waiting to see developments regarding Brexit" - George Candler

Steady trade for quality in-spec cattle at Raphoe

Bullocks sold to €970 over, heifers hit €840 over and dry cows topped out at €1,600. Ewes with twin lambs peaked at €280, while hoggets made up to €130.

FR bulls sell from €5-€130 at Kilrush

“Calves need to be 3-weeks-old and well-fed to be saleable"

Cull cows up €100-€120/head at Carnaross

There was a lively trade for weanling, with feedlot buyers and live exporters active. All animals sold well, despite current weather conditions.

Sharp trade for cattle at Ballyjamesduff

Northern buyers were very active according to John Tevlin. Bullocks hit €1,760, heifers sold to €1,465, cull cows peaked at €1,530 and calves ranged from €5-€440.

€1,400 for suckler pair at Maam Cross

Prices & Pictures: Cows sold to €960, bullocks hit €935, bull weanlings peaked at €990 and breeding bulls realised €1,260. Lambs climbed to €85, while dry ewes fetched up to €100.

Trade remains firm for quality lots at Ennis

“The heavier bull was not as lively as the lighter, store-type, while calves met a very solid trade with some nice quality stock available and mostly 3-weeks-old"

€1,770 for suckler team at Headford

Bullocks sold to €2.61/kg, heifers hit €2.78/kg and weanling bulls peaked at €3.19/kg, while weanling heifers followed at €3.00/kg.

Steady trade for cattle at Tuam

Bullocks fetched up to €1,540, heifers peaked at €1,530, weanling bulls hit €1,250, weanling heifers realised €1,020 and cull cows sold to €1,250.

Strong demand for continental stores at Tullow

“Beef and forward-type heifers are meeting a steady trade as we have seen in the last number of weeks with good demand for quality continental-types”

Heifers hit €920 over at Ballybay

Bullocks sold to €1,370 and cull cows peaked at €1,230 while calves reached €400. Sucklers realised €1,330 while stock bulls fetched up to €1,730.

€2,350 for suckler team at Dowra

“The quality lots still very much in demand and more farmers to buy some of the heavier lots”

Bullocks hit €1,650 at Ballinasloe

“Good numbers and a brisk trade for all cattle at our show and sale”