Trade improves at Ballinasloe

“A good trade at our cattle sale on Wednesday with prices slightly up on previous weeks”

Good demand for stock at Ballinrobe

Heifers sold to €2.52/kg, bullocks peaked at €2.70/kg, weanling heifers hit €3.12/kg, weanling bulls made up to €3.26/kg and dry cows topped out at €1.75/kg.

‘Poor light calves almost impossible to sell’ at Kilrush

“A fine trade for calves if they had a bit of strength with the tops of the Friesian bulls hitting €200”

Over 2,000 cattle offered for sale at Carnaross

“Both weanling bulls and heifers saw a very lively trade, with farmers paying up to €3.10/kg. for top weanlings. Live exporters also were very active”

Cull cows top out at €2.05/kg at Gortatlea

Heifers sold to €2.45/kg, bullocks peaked at €2.30/kg, weanling heifers made up to €2.82/kg and weanling bulls fetched up to €2.95/kg.

Strong farmer demand for forward store bullocks at Dowra

“Another very big sale of cattle met a strong trade for the fancy store heifers and weanling heifers but the bull calves proved harder sold except for a few very fancy lots”

Farmers, agents and exporters active for stores at Castlerea

“Suck calves and runners also reported good clearances with some exporters in attendance for the suck calves on offer” – Brendan Egan

Calves top out at €440 at Ballinasloe

Bullocks made from €2.20-€2.62/kg, while heifers sold from €2.10-€2.58/kg and cull cows fetched from €575-€1,340.

‘The poor FR bull is like the song Nobody’s Child’

Some 1,620 entries including 740 calves were offered for sale at Kanturk Mart on Tuesday. Aberdeen Angus and Hereford store bullocks and heifers made up to €2.20/kg.

Strong export demand for weanling bulls at Carnew

“Calf trade was good for continentals, but difficult for small Friesians and cross-bred calves” – David Quinn

Heifers sell to €4.06/kg at Roscommon

Pictures: “There was an electric trade for Heifers with prices ranging from €2.64-€4.06/kg. The trade for quality bulls was solid with good prices achieved, in particular, for the lighter-type animal”

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