Suckler pairings reach €1,590 at Maam Cross

With a smaller entry on offer, trade remained steady

€700 for weanling bulls at Maam Cross

Pictures and Prices: Cull cows hit €1.70/kg, heifers climbed to €2.75/kg; lambs topped out at €94

Good quality sheep and cattle at Maam Cross

Bull weanlings made from €2.37/kg to €3.18/kg

Heavy bulls reach €1,085 at Maam Cross

Cull cows hit €1,700, suckler pairings topped out at €1,450, heifers sold to €990 and bullocks realised €2.44/kg.

Heifers reach €1,090 at Maam Cross

Pictures & Prices: “Numbers were back slightly but still good for the time of year.”

€1,900 for cow with twins at Maam Cross

"With healthy sale numbers, we had a 100% clearance of sheep and 87% cattle" - Heifers sold from €2.09/kg bullocks made from €2.21/kg and bull weanlings pushed from €2.34/kg, while lambs averaged €80.

€1,700 for suckler pairing at Maam Cross

Trade held “very well”, according to a mart spokesperson; bullocks sold to €785, cull cows hit €1,255 and weanlings sold to €40, while lambs averaged €68/head.

Strong trade for factory lambs at Maam Cross

Lambs sold for up to €121, hoggets made up to €88 and dry ewes climbed to €100, while cull cows fetched up to €1,180, bull weanlings hit €880 and bullocks realised €800.