Suckler pairings reach €2,010 at Maam Cross

Pictures & Prices: Cull cows made from €1,305, heifers reached €1,305, bull weanlings peaked at €1,340 and bullocks sold to €1,340.

Suckler pairings top out at €1,560 at Maam Cross

Pictures: "With numbers holding very steady, Maam Cross mart had another high clearance."

Bull weanlings hit €1,035 at Maam Cross

Cows made from €1.43-€1.64/kg, heifers ranged from €2.27-€3.24/kg, bull weanlings pushed from €2.44-€3.21/kg and bullocks sold from €2.12-€2.15/kg.

Cows sell to €1.96/kg at Maam Cross

Heifers hit €2.55/kg, bull weanlings peaked at €3.37/kg and bullocks climbed to €2.82/kg. Lambs ranged from €66-€75, while ewes realised €100.

Strong demand for heifers at Maam Cross

Cows sold to €1.44/kg, bullocks hit €2.45/kg and bull weanlings made up to €2.81/kg. Over 400 sheep were on offer, with €114 forked out for lambs.