Ming says CAP White paper “lacking in detail”

MEP Luke Ming Flanagan has spoken out against the CAP reform White paper released yesterday, saying it is lacking in detail.

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan calls for immediate help for Donegal flood victims

MEP Luke Ming Flanagan has spoken out over the recent flooding in Donegal and the people affected.

Is there any accountability in the department

We hear from MEP Luke Ming Flanagan who questions whether there is any accountability within the department of Agriculture with regards GLAS scheme payments.

Waste Management - something just does not add up for Luke 'Ming'!

At a recent Plenary session of the European Parliament, where all 751 MEPs vote to finalise legislation, waste was a big topic. No less than 6 existing directives were amended.

Luke Ming weighs in on CAP Greening review policy

MEP Luke Ming Flanagan has spoken out on greening reviewing currently underway as part of overall CAP review. Here he shares his thoughts.

CETA Passes despite vocal opposition

CETA the controversial Trade deal has been passed by the European Parliament.

CETA will damage and harm Irish farmers warns Ming Flanagan ahead of todays vote

The MEP writes here how CETA will hurt and damage Irish farmers if passed.

Heard of LULUCF? It's going to change forestry and farming in Ireland

Tom Jordan reports from the LULUCF conference which took place in Brussels yesterday organised by MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan on the future of land and forestry use.

TF Podcast: Luke 'Ming' Flanagan on CETA dangers to farmers

MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan joins us on the TF Podcast to talk about the dangers of CETA the EU/Canada trade deal and why it should not pass.

Ming: CETA approval just one step away from Ratification.

MEP Luke Ming Flanagan has spoken out over the approval of the CETA deal by the INTA today.

CETA secret deal must not go ahead says Ming

The European MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has made known his views on the proposed CETA deal.

Poll Results: 69% think Pipeline shows Urban Favouritism, but Privatisation is undecided issue

We asked our readers this week what they thought of the pipeline that will affect over 500 rural landowners:

POLL: Is the Shannon-Dublin Pipeline unfairly taking Rural Resources?

Is the pipeline an unfair removal of rural resources? Is privatisation something that could harm us in the future?

Two decades of mismanagement has lead to farmers unable to draw down CAP payments- Ming

The MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has spoken out about the plight facing Ireland’s hill farmers.