Solid trade for cattle at Loughrea

Demand was strongest for forward-type stores, according to a spokesperson.

Cattle prices 'under pressure' at Loughrea

With rumours circulating of factories cutting prices in the near future, farmers were happy to see lambs and sheep auctioned once again, according to a spokesperson.

‘Out-of-spec cattle selling better in marts than factories’

“The cattle trade is very good and a long way better than this time last year."

‘Good quality heifers are scarce’

“Cattle are in big demand and prices are good."

Farmers active in weanling rings at Loughrea

“Cattle prices have got a good lift in the last couple of weeks”

Farmers active for weanlings at Loughrea

“Cattle have improved in price with a lot more interest from buyers.”

'Weanlings are a difficult trade at the moment'

"There is very little shipping at the moment"

Export demand for Limousin-crosses at Loughrea

“The plainer-type weanlings are a difficult trade”

Weanling prices back at Loughrea

“A fantastic yard of great cattle quality on offer with almost 100% clearance, while prices were back from last year"

Improved trade for heifers at Loughrea

“With the strong winds over the weekend, boats could not travel so shippers were not as active"

‘Farmers are turning against beef rearing’

Good demand for ewe lambs and ewe hoggets

Butcher and factory lambs easier at Loughrea

'Numbers are getting bigger at the sales are prices are good enough for quality stock'

‘Plainer cattle are hard sold’

'Bigger numbers are starting to come out; nice quality cattle are easy to sell'

Strong trade for store bullocks at Loughrea

Forward-type heifers met with strong demand while prices for store lambs have improved as "farmers have lots of spare grass.”