Another large entry on offer at Kanturk

“Despite the rain over the last few days, trade was exceptionally strong in both rings.”

Steady trade for bullocks at Kilkenny

“If the weather becomes milder and grass growth improves, it should steady the trade for all types” – Candler

‘Poor light calves almost impossible to sell’ at Kilrush

“A fine trade for calves if they had a bit of strength with the tops of the Friesian bulls hitting €200”

Strong farmer demand for forward store bullocks at Dowra

“Another very big sale of cattle met a strong trade for the fancy store heifers and weanling heifers but the bull calves proved harder sold except for a few very fancy lots”

Quiz: How well do you know Kingdom Co-op Mart?

When did the mart first open its doors? When are cattle sold? Who manages the mart? - Take our quiz!

€1,470 for cull cows at Ballybay

Bullocks pushed up to €1,210, heifers made up to €1,340, bulls topped out at €1,510 and sucklers hit €1,300.

"Marts are now paying the price for the expansion of the dairy herd"

I think the day of livestock marts being the lifeblood of Rural Ireland is slowly dying out; the quality of cattle going through marts is declining rapidly , writes Michael Danagher (26).

WATCH: George Candler

George Candler began working as a trainee auctioneer in Kilkenny Co-opLivestock Mart in 1972 and has been a full-time employee since then. He also dominates the rostrum at pedigree sales.