Life in Livestock: Edward Boyhan

Edward Boyhan has been dealing in livestock for over six decades. He has lived through the radical changes from street fairs to livestock marts and the digital era.

Life in Livestock: A family Livestock Dealing tradition continues

Catherina meets Dylan O’Malley, a young third-generation livestock dealer making waves in Co. Galway.

Life in Livestock: Meet Barry Logan – A third-generation livestock dealer supplying calves across the globe!

Catherina meets third-generation livestock dealer Barry Logan, Ahoghill, Co. Antrim, who runs an operation that deals mainly in calves since 2006. Read his story here.

Life in Livestock: Meet Cian Rigney – A 22-year-old livestock dealer supplying 2,000 calves around Ireland!

Catherina speaks to Cian Rigney, a young livestock dealer who is running a business with his father Paul which was established by his Grandfather over 60 years ago.

Life in Livestock: Bradley Moffett

Catherina speaks to Bradley Moffett, a fighting force to be reckoned with in the livestock dealing circles, who supplied 3,500 cattle last year.

Life in Livestock: Meet Adrian Walsh - A 24-year-old handling up to 10,000 livestock every year!

In the first of a new series, Catherina meets Adrian Walsh, a 24-year-old livestock dealer, running a large operation in Co. Mayo.