Dairy Update - Queen of the land champion, drying off cows, dosing and calving!

Contributor Louise was named this year's Queen of the Land for 2018, while on the farm some cows are now being brought in at night, with beet rations up to 10kgs, more cows dried off, dosing for worms, silage testing and calving commencing.

Weird Sheep Breeds - Ouessant Sheep

A domestic breed hailing from France, the Ouessant breed is said to be among the world’s rarest and smallest breeds. Read all about them below.

Weird Cow Breeds - Gascon cattle

A beef breed which originates in the French Pyrenees, the Gascon breed is primarily used for beef production and best known for their unique grey colour.

Dairy Update - New contributor, Queen of the land, drying off, dosing for fluke and more.

New contributor in the shape of Chris McCarthy this week, with cows dried off, teat sealers used, dropping yields, dosing for liver fluke, rumen fluke, worms and preparation for the upcoming Queen of the Land festival.

Weird Sheep Breeds - Shetland sheep

A domestic breed of sheep native to Scotland, the Shetland sheep are raised for their very fine wools, while they are also raised on occasion for meat production. Learn all about the Shetland sheep breed below.

Weird Cow Breeds - Gloucester cattle

A multi-purpose breed raised for meat, milk and draught purposes, Gloucester cattle are also among the world’s rarest breeds with only 750 cows remaining. Read all about the breed below.

Pulling Pork - The Wuzhishan

A breed of pig so rare that there are as little as 30 specimens remaining in existence, the Wuzhishan is a breed raised only in the Hainan Province of China.

Dairy Update - Cow production slows, further grass budgets and milk price updates

Milk Price updates, the Macra rally, further grass budgets, cows holding milk production and much more. Get it all on this week's Dairy Update below.

Reduction sale to have over 30 Pedigree LM stock go under the hammer

Ruan Limousine are set to host a reduction sale October 25th, with 30 pedigree breeding heifers to go under the hammer. Read more below.

Weird Cow Breeds - Glan Cattle

Formerly a multi-purpose breed with bulls weighing up to 1,200kgs, there are now only approximately 2,000 specimens remaining, making Glan cattle among the rarest in the world. Read all about the breed below.