Talking Trade: Cattle sales remain small

Purchasers at marts are cautious due to Brexit uncertainty and poor factory quotes, although early grass growth is bringing some positivity to the ringside.

Dairy Update - OAD milking, calving, fertiliser, pulliing beet and more.

The benefits of once a day milking are discussed, as new replacements join the milking herd, beet is pulled, fertiliser spread and calving continues.

All Things Haulage - Padraic Murphy, Knockbay Livestock Agents

On this week’s ‘All Things Haulage’, Kevin spoke to Wexford man Padraic ‘Podge’ Murphy, who not only works as a livestock agent, but also finishes cattle and drives his family’s lorry at just 25-years-old! Read his story now below!

Dairy Update - New Tractor, Facilities finished, cameras installed and calving to kick off!

A new tractor, cows milking over 37 litres, cows out to grass early, calving due to commence in the coming weeks, new calving facilities and cameras installed and much more. Find out what else happened this week on today's Dairy Update!

WATCH - Introducing the Cormac Tagging Tissue Sample Wristband

Have you heard about the Tissue Sample Wristband from Cormac Tagging? Watch the video or read the article below to find out all you need to know.