VIDEO: Milking 600 cows in Japan

“When we produce 6,000 tonnes, I want to have 8 robots installed."

VIDEO: Managing a 750-cow dairy herd

“The robot is now almost like a 65th cow in the herd.”

VIDEO: Robotic milking and automatic feeding system on 45-cow farm

"Information is king – it is what drives you to make efficient decisions.”

VIDEO: Meet the sisters who quit their jobs to farm

“We would have never gone into dairy farming if it wasn't for the automatic milking system.”

VIDEO: Milking 60 cows in South Korea

The herd is producing 200kg of milk solids per day through a Lely robotic milking system.

VIDEO: A day in the life of a farmer running a robotic milking system

"This is just an honest opinion from a young farmer, enthusiastic about his system."

VIDEO: 2 robots ticking all the boxes for vet student and family

“Having the freedom to leave the farm and not be tied to an evening milking, for example, is a huge bonus.” - Shane Seery

VIDEO: Running a 600-cow dairy farm in Australia

"The main reason for choosing a robotic system was labour."

New entrant with 1 robot and Fleckvieh cows

They use 60-acres of miscanthus as bedding for their cows.

VIDEO: One of the world’s first hybrid barns

He has incorporated grazing and a barn system to keep cows under the roof during unfavourable weather.

Dairy farming in the Netherlands

One farmer is receiving 40c/L for milk.

Producing over 2.3m litres of milk with 2 labour units

Cows are producing a 305-day average of 11,300 litres at 4.01% butterfat and 3.28% protein

WATCH: Finishing over 1,500 cattle annually in Cork

There is a robotic feeding system on the farm