Trade remains firm for quality continentals at Kilkenny

“Heavier bullocks and cull cows attracted more interest compared to last week”

FR bulls sell from €20-€190/head at Kilkenny

“Another quality yard of calves met a good selling trade with exporters and farmers active”

Steady trade for bullocks at Kilkenny

“If the weather becomes milder and grass growth improves, it should steady the trade for all types” – Candler

€2,180 for freshly-calved dairy cows at Kilkenny

“Another small sale of sheep met a good selling trade, while there was an electric trade for freshly-calved Friesians”

‘The cut in beef factory quotes had no negative impact on the trade’

Trade remained remarkably firm for Continental bullocks and heifers with prices ranging from €2.35 to €2.75/kg with quality lots peaking at €2.85/kg.

Easier trade for sheep at Kilkenny

“Many factories are complaining about the fact that too many heavy sheep are appearing” – Candler

“A solid rather than spectacular trade” at Kilkenny

“A number of agents have suggested that many of their customers are waiting to see developments regarding Brexit" - George Candler

Sheep trade similar to last week at Kilkenny

Butcher lambs sold from €119-€130, factory lambs made from €102-€118 and cast ewes sold from €90-€126. Dairy stock topped out at €1,920.

Excellent trade for quality continentals at Kilkenny

A smaller entry under the hammer, with a good attendance of customers. Cull cows met with a difficult trade, according to George Candler.

Heavier hoggets improve by €2-€5/head at Kilkenny

Sheep numbers are remaining small; butcher lambs made up to €130, factory lambs hit €121 and cast ewes peaked at €118.

Biggest sale of the year at Kilkenny

Some 1,000 lots went under the hammer, with trade remaining firm for Continental bullocks and heifers. Dairy-influenced AA and HE heifers are the most difficult to sell.

Sheep easier by €4-€7/head at Kilkenny

Butcher lambs hit €126, factory lambs sold to €113, store lambs realised €99 and cast ewes fetched up to €110. Freshly-calved dairy entries made up to €1,980.

Quality continentals improve by €50/head at Kilkenny

“The reason for the increase is hard to fathom but perhaps some farmers now feel they have sufficient feed to see them through this winter and, in cases, the appearance of grass is an encouraging sign”

Sheep improve by €2-€5/head at Kilkenny

“Another small yard of sheep with scarcity helping to consolidate and in cases, improve prices by €2-€5/head" - George Candler

Cull cows reach €1.95/kg at Kilkenny

“With no solution regarding Brexit plus the fact that quotes from the factories remain stagnant, there is very little enthusiasm been shown by buyers or sellers”

Sharper trade for forward-store hoggets at Kilkenny

“Numbers remaining small with trade a little sharper for butcher and forward store hoggets” – George Candler

Poor demand for over-age non-quality-assured cattle at Kilkenny

“Trade remains steady which is a compliment to buyers who are purchasing stock in the most uncertain period facing agriculture in years” – George Candler

Hoggets peak at €125/head at Kilkenny

“Smaller numbers may well be as a result of the very cold spring where considerable losses were recorded and when grass became scarce last summer, many sheep farmers had to sell lambs earlier than usual”

Solid trade for cull cows & heifers at Kilkenny

“With the uncertainty of Brexit and the sensational negative report from Lancet, it was good to see there were still customers willing to buy cattle”