Some stabilisation in the sheep trade

Heavy lambs peaked at €127 at Kilkenny.

Solid trade for strong calves at Kilkenny

“The fact that calves up to 120 days can be sold without a TB test means stronger calves are being offered for sale.”

Quality continental calves ‘selling well’ at Kilkenny

A top call of €365 was paid for a Charolais heifer.

'Sharper trade' for all lots at Kilkenny

There was a top call for lambs of €144/head.

Solid trade for culls results in 100% clearance at Kilkenny

Forward store heifers earned €1.90-€2.40/kg or €800-€1115/head.

Spring lambs down €4-€6/head at Kilkenny

Prices remained strong in the cull ewe market, according to George Candler.

Cull ewes reach €135 at Kilkenny

Trade had fallen slightly on the previous week, according to George Candler.

‘Numbers decreasing but so are buyers’

Candler reported that calves sold from €70-€345

‘Farmers appear to be reluctant to avail of the tender system’

“The increased interest for cull cows continued with Friesian peaking at €1.45/kg and continentals to a top of €1.75/kg.”

Calves sell from €40 to €400 at Kilkenny

Both agents and farmers were active, according to Candler

Tender sales ‘not suiting everyone’

“We are still trying to provide a service.”

Cull cows up €20-€40/hd at Kilkenny

Candler reported a firmer trade for cattle, with more than 100 customers conducting business.

Heavy culls peak at €154 at Kilkenny

The mart's sheep sale, which saw a full clearance, was a "lively affair", according to Candler.

Cattle prices feeling the pitch as Covid-19 bites

Bullocks reached €2.36/kg at Kilkenny’s first tender sale of cattle.

Covid-19 impacts cattle trade at Kilkenny

"A difficult day trading in Kilkenny for all involved. Prices were not as buoyant as the last few weeks.

Prices fall at Kilkenny Mart

Cull ewes made up to €149/head.

Plainer-types a harder sell at Kilkenny

Candler noted that cull cows met a solid trade.