‘Buoyant’ trade for small entry of calves at Kilkenny

Continental calves reached €340/head, while Friesians sold to €260/head and traditional breeds topped out at €395/head.

Short supply of beef bullocks and heifers at Kilkenny

Candler reported a 95% clearance at the general cattle sale.

Calf buyers still active – Candler

Although numbers are declining, trade is remaining firm, according to the auctioneer.

Over €3.00/kg for continentals at Kilkenny

"A special section for beef bullocks, heifers and cull cows created plenty of interest..."

Buyers ‘more selective’ at Kilkenny

Plainer cattle met an easier trade, according to Candler.

'Buyers still remaining active as we enter mid-July'

“The extension of compulsory TB testing from 6 weeks to 120 days is helping to flush out more calves.”

Northern buyers on the hunt for calves at Kilkenny

A March-born continental calf reached €530.

‘More bite’ for forward stores and beef-types at Kilkenny

“It would appear that forward store bullocks and heifers, plus beef-type animals are getting scarce.”

Lambs and cull ewes peak at €132 at Kilkenny

A smaller sale of lambs and cull ewes resulted in a sharper trade all-round, according to George Candler.

'Sharper trade for quality animals' at Kilkenny

With rings open to potential buyers and online trading continuing, more customers were operating throughout the sale.

Trade remains firm at Kilkenny

Auctioneer George Candler reported that both online and ringside bidders created plenty of interest.

Some stabilisation in the sheep trade

Heavy lambs peaked at €127 at Kilkenny.

Solid trade for strong calves at Kilkenny

“The fact that calves up to 120 days can be sold without a TB test means stronger calves are being offered for sale.”

Quality continental calves ‘selling well’ at Kilkenny

A top call of €365 was paid for a Charolais heifer.

'Sharper trade' for all lots at Kilkenny

There was a top call for lambs of €144/head.

Solid trade for culls results in 100% clearance at Kilkenny

Forward store heifers earned €1.90-€2.40/kg or €800-€1115/head.

Spring lambs down €4-€6/head at Kilkenny

Prices remained strong in the cull ewe market, according to George Candler.

Cull ewes reach €135 at Kilkenny

Trade had fallen slightly on the previous week, according to George Candler.