Solid trade for all lambs at Kilkenny

Lambs sold to €122 while cast ewes reached €137

Reduced factory quotes not instilling confidence – Candler

“Trade a bit easier for forward store-types and beef bullocks"

Quality cattle increase by €40-€100/head at Kilkenny

“The rain of the past few days has stimulated grass growth which has encouraged more farmers buyers to secure stock.”

Trade remains steady at Kilkenny

“A somewhat bigger sale of cattle compared to last week; quality continentals remained a solid trade,"

‘An unclear future for beef creating negative vibes’

“Grass scarcity is a contributing factor," - shortage of farmer buyers

Friesian bulls sell to €220 at Kilkenny

“Exporters and farmer buyers creating plenty of completion.” - Candler

Cull cows improve by €40-€60 at Kilkenny

“More customers were active.” - Candler

€455 for 6-week-old heifer calf at Kilkenny

“A good trade was generated through the presence of farmers and exporters.” – George Candler

More positivity witnessed at Kilkenny Mart’s ringside

“The demise of the suckler cow herd in Kilkenny is obvious with another 8 to 10 farmers entering dairying in the next 6 months.” – Candler

Exporters keep a floor on prices at Kilkenny

“A bigger sale of calves compared to last week but quality not of the same high standard as other weeks.” – Candler

Light, plain-types difficult to sell at Kilkenny

“Good to see more life for heavier bullocks, heifers and cows” - Candler

Trade remains firm for quality continentals at Kilkenny

“Heavier bullocks and cull cows attracted more interest compared to last week”

FR bulls sell from €20-€190/head at Kilkenny

“Another quality yard of calves met a good selling trade with exporters and farmers active”

Steady trade for bullocks at Kilkenny

“If the weather becomes milder and grass growth improves, it should steady the trade for all types” – Candler

€2,180 for freshly-calved dairy cows at Kilkenny

“Another small sale of sheep met a good selling trade, while there was an electric trade for freshly-calved Friesians”

‘The cut in beef factory quotes had no negative impact on the trade’

Trade remained remarkably firm for Continental bullocks and heifers with prices ranging from €2.35 to €2.75/kg with quality lots peaking at €2.85/kg.

Easier trade for sheep at Kilkenny

“Many factories are complaining about the fact that too many heavy sheep are appearing” – Candler

“A solid rather than spectacular trade” at Kilkenny

“A number of agents have suggested that many of their customers are waiting to see developments regarding Brexit" - George Candler