98% clearance recorded at Kanturk

Some 526 entries – including 302 weanlings – were offered for sale

Steady trade for all animals at Kanturk

“A very big turnout of cattle with a complete clearance; plenty of customers at the ringside"

'Sales are still small with all the grass that is around'

'Quality store heifers and bullocks making €300-€500 with the weight'

Weanlings reach €1,200 at Kanturk

Pictures and Prices: 'Plenty of customers with light weanling bulls making top prices'

Good demand for store bullocks at Kanturk

'A good trade for all cattle' - O’Keeffe

Easier trade for cattle at Kanturk

370 cattle and 50 calves “which met a great trade” passed through the ring.

Demand exceeds supply at Kanturk

320 entries - including 70 calves - were offered sale; heifers hit €1,350, dry cows sold to €1,240 and bullocks peaked at €900.

A small sale of 310 animals at Kanturk

A Charolais dry cow sold for €1,480 while 4 HE bulls reached €355

"Cattle were a flying trade" at Kanturk

Calves achieved €285, while dry cows hit €1.220 and heifers sold to €990

Steady trade at Kanturk

“Plenty of customers and not enough cattle especially stores for grass."

Calves reach €360 at Kanturk

“A fine sale with plenty of buyers.”

Over 900 lots on offer at Kanturk

“A fine sale with plenty of buyers,” - O’Keeffe

€400 for Friesian heifer calves at Kanturk

Dry cows sold to €1,070, heifers climbed to €1,170 and bullocks topped out at €1,320.

‘Grass buyers’ active at Kanturk

“Trade was much the same as last week.” - O’Keeffe

Strong demand for stores at Kanturk

Just over 1,290 entries were offered for sale; calves reached €320, dry cows hit €990, heifers realised €1,075 and bullocks peaked at €1,080.

Another large entry on offer at Kanturk

“Despite the rain over the last few days, trade was exceptionally strong in both rings.”

Strong demand for forward-stores at Kanturk

“The bad morning kept some buyers and sellers at home, nevertheless, cattle were in great demand” - O’Keeffe

Over 1,900 cattle on offer at Kanturk

““The lovely weather brought out many visitors and plenty of customers were looking for cattle with the grass growing” – O’Keeffe.