Cattle prices match sale dockets from 2017 at Kanturk

“We had 87 buyers with farmer buyers looking for cattle for grass.”

Friesian bulls sell from €20-€90 at Kanturk

Just over 1,100 entries, including more than 700 calves, were offered for sale.

€20-€100/head for Friesian bulls at Kanturk

"A good trade but the weather did not do us any favours."

Poorly-fed Friesian calves a hard sell at Kanturk

“Plenty of customers for all animals except for poor Friesian bulls with no milk in them.”

Friesian calves range from €20-€120 at Kanturk

“A bad morning here in Kanturk, which kept some people and cattle at home.”

Suckler pairs reach €3,000 at Kanturk

One 10-month-old Hereford heifer reached €1,820.

Good demand for quality stores at Kanturk

“A full clearance with plenty of customers" - mart manager

'All cattle selling well' at Kanturk

Some 580 entries went under the hammer

'Big numbers of finished cattle' at Kanturk

The manager said that farmers are "failing to get" finished cattle into factories.

Prices ‘up €80-€100 from two weeks ago’ at Kanturk

“Weanling bulls were making up to €2.75/kg, while heifers were making up to €2.50/kg” - manager

Good demand for forward cattle at Kanturk

“Prices improved from last week,” – O’Keeffe

Improved trade at Kanturk

“We had a much better sale than last week” – O’Keeffe

Wet weather draws larger entry to Kanturk

“The biggest sale of the last few weeks due to deteriorating weather conditions" - O’Keeffe

'People anxious to see what cattle were making' - O’ Keeffe

Some 350 entries were offered for sale on Tuesday

98% clearance recorded at Kanturk

Some 526 entries – including 302 weanlings – were offered for sale