News Down Under: Farmer fined $1m for maintaining his fence line

An Australian grazier has been ordered to pay almost $1 million for clearing a bush fire break and maintaining his fence line.

News Down Under: Australian production set to decline by $4.2bn in coming years

Kallee joins us for this week's News Down Under and a worrying report issued this week showing a forthcoming decline in Australian agricultural output in the coming years.

News Down Under: Cutbacks affecting Aussie farmers biosecurity

Kallee is back with the popular news down under and this week biosecurity cutback are putting Australian farmers at risk.

News Down Under: Heatwave wiping out crops and livestock for Aussie farmers

Kallee reports on whats been a very hot February in Australia which has caused huge problems for farmers there.

News Down Under: New laws for Aussies deadliest piece of farm equipment

An Australian state has introduced new laws to try to curb the number of deaths on farms caused by quad bikes.

News Down Under: Military land grab puts Aussie farmers in the firing line

Farmers are facing off with the Australian military over the compulsory acquisition of thousands of acres of prime farm land.

News Down Under: Beef prices to stabilise as Australia rebuilds its herd.

Kallee Buchanan explores how the Australian beef herd is starting to fight back:

News Down Under: The Manuka Honey battle

An interesting war of words is occurring down under between New Zealand and Australia over the popular medicinal honey Manuka. Kallee Buchana has the full story.

News Down Under: Dairy company to track all 400 suppliers herds in real time

We take a look at the farming stories making the headlines with Australian journalist Kallee Buchanan of the ABC. This week a dairy company will track milk quality, animal welfare and sustainability of all its members in real time.