Encouraging the next generation of farmers

“Cillian and Aoife absolutely love farming and are outdoors in all types of weather." - Fiona Murphy, Co. Mayo.

Junior Farmers: Meet Lauren a 15 year old Meath girl who loves farming and silage making

We talk to Meath’s Lauren Carolan, a 2nd-year secondary school student who loves farming and making silage.

Junior Farmers: Meet Matthew the 5th generation dairy farmer from Cork

16 year old Matthew loves helping out at home and plans to expand his families dairy farm to 110 cows in the near future.

Junior Farmers: Meet Becky Hynes – A 10-year-old dairy farmer from Co. Cork!

Catherina meets Becky Hynes, a young dairy farmer from Co. Cork that enjoys showing Jersey calves!

Junior Farmers: Meet Shane Grant a sheep and dry stock farmer who'd love to run a mart!

Meet Shane Grant a young Donegal man with a bright future in Ag.

Junior Farmers: Meet Gavin Gallagher a 17 year old suckler farmer from Donegal

This week's Junior farmer is a fine young man from Termon in Donegal and he's a suckler farmer with a few pedigree cattle too!

Junior Farmer: Meet Cillian Donovan, the 12-year-old suckler farmer.

This week's junior farmer is 12-year-old, Cillian Donovan.

Junior Farmers: Meet 18 year old Conor Murphy who switched to dairy farming 2 years ago and loves it!

This week's Junior Farmer is Conor Murphy, an ag student, dairy farmer and passionate pedigree breeder.

Junior Farmers: Meet Conor a 17 year old Meath man who dreams of becoming a contractor

This week we meet Conor Raleigh from Meath who farms a sheep and suckler business with his father and dreams of becoming a contractor.

Junior Farmers – Meet David a 13 year old who works with 500 sheep

In this week's Junior Farmers we meet David a 13 year old with a bright future in sheep.

Junior Farmers: Meet Justin (13) who has his own herd of pedigree Hereford cattle

This week’s junior farmer comes from Donegal and between helping out on his families 360 cow dairy farm he has his own herd of ewes and pedigree Hereford cattle.

Junior Farmers: Meet Liam a 15 year old working with his father on their dairy and beef farm in Meath

In the second in a mini series we talk to the next generation of farmers in Ireland. This week its Liam a 15 year old working with his father on their dairy farm in Meath.