Bulls reach €2,500 at Ballyjamesduff

Some 1,000 entries passed through the ring, according to Tevlin.

Dairy stock sell to €1,800 at Ballyjamesduff

Calves sold from €10-€325, weanling heifers realised €1,260, bullocks hit €1,500 while heifers sold to €1,445 and dry cows climbed to €1,490.

Sharp Spring trade at Ballyjamesduff

Bullocks sold for up to €1,460, while heifers hit €1,565 and dry cows peaked at €1,460 while calves ranged from €10-€485.

Northern buyers and farmers active at Ballyjamesduff

Bullocks reached €1,940, heifers topped out at €1,355, cull cows hit €1,320, and calves ranged from €50-€245, while weanling bulls sold to €1,045 & w. heifers made up to €905.