ICMSA call for fully funded CAP

The ICMSA made calls recently for the full retention of CAP funding.

EU/Japan Trade Agreement Presents Serious Potential

This is the message from The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA), following the conclusion of the free trade deal between the EU and Japan.

ICMSA say Ireland must declare support for any final Brexit proposal

The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) say that Ireland must make a final agreement on any final Brexit proposal conditional on Cap retention in full.

ICMSA confident over splash plates

The ICMSA say they are confident the Department recognise the need to continue with splash plates.

Ecumenical Rememberance Service held at the weekend.

The annual Ecumenical Remembrance Service was held in Laois over the weekend, in honour of loved ones lost or who suffered injuries on farms.

12 farm related deaths in 2017 so far

Teagasc have released figures, showing the amount of people to die in farm related accidents this year to be 12. The figures released also show that one third of the accidents occurred in the month of May.

French leader labelled "self-centered" over hard border comments.

ICMSA president, John Comer, has today called a French leader who called for a hard border "self-centered".

ICMSA to support Glanbia Ireland proposal

ICMSA president says benefits of Glanbia Ireland proposals outweigh concerns.

TF Podcast John Comer ICMSA On Regional Vet Lab Closures

John Comer Presdient of the ICMSA joins us to talk about this week's protests over the proposed regional vet lab closures.

Farmers loose nearly €80M since arrival of beef grid says ICMSA.

A review of the beef grid system has found that it has cost farmers 80 million since its arrival 5 years ago.