Talbot Hotel Pork was foreign but group say they did not advertise it as Irish

The Talbot Hotel have been in contact with us about the fake food story to put across their side of the story and new light has been thrown upon the facts.

Food Hereos: Herterich Artisan Butchery

Here at That’s Farming, we are delighted to bring you a new series, which will focus on showcasing small food producers making a big difference. First up is Herterich Artisan Butchery,.

Paddys day Irish farm phrases as Gaelige

Some great Irish phrases to help you out around the farm today and make you feel like a proud Irishman and woman!

#IrishFood takes centre stage around the World

Bord Bia coordinates global business and promotional activity for St. Patrick’s Day. From Stuttgart to Shanghai, over 65 activities will highlight #Irishfood

Creed launches €3.75 million Bord Bia beef and lamb campaign for Far East

The Minister launched the campaign today which is aimed at promoting Irish beef and lamb to the far East including China.

Editorial: Fake Food - The misleading mislabelling of Irish food

Editor John Connell takes a look at the misleading labeling around Irish food and the jobs and money its costing.