Investigation: Coillte practices leaving farm families in the dark and waiting for thousands of euro

Coillite Farm Forestry Partnerships leave farm families wondering when they will get answers and money on thinnings.

Investigation underway into European fertilizer industry amid price fixing concerns

An investigation is underway into the European Fertilizer industry after lobbying from the IFA so says Liam Dunne Grain Committee chairman for the IFA.

Farmer left reeling, after €163,000 worth of straw burnt in arson attack

A farmer has been left seething after an arson attack saw the entirety of his straw bales destroyed.

Ag Firm Fined after injured boy has leg amputated.

An agricultural firm has been fined for Health and safety failings which resulted in a young boy losing part of his leg.

TF Investigation: Wind Developers pushing aside vulnerable community in Kerry & causing environmental damage

A wind farm development in Kerry is raising concerns for turf men, water security and a project that’s much bigger than local residents first thought.

“We were conned.” New hen harrier scheme will not redress land valuation losses for affected farmers

Farmers were made promises that land designated under hen harrier protection zones would be compensated for any loss in the value of their land. That hasn't happened as Tom Jordan has found out.

Creed's response to Young Farmers investigation too little

We finally received some answers from the Minister's office about the Young Farmer issues. Decide for yourself, are these excuses enough?

TF Podcast: Grace Treston on the Young Farmers Red Tape Investigation

That's Farming Grace Treston Joins us on the TF Podcast to talk about the Young Farmers Red Tape investigation. A very important piece of investigation into the problems being faced by Ireland's young farmers.

Investigation Continued: Creed 'hasn't submitted' claim for Forgotten Farmers

Hearing from CEJA President Jagoe and Macra's Sean Finan, we learn that Creed may not have acted on Forgotten Farmers yet:

Investigation Part 3: Young Farmers & Red Tape –Where’s our National Reserve?

The National Reserve isn't run fairly for all. Learn why in Part 3 of our investigation:

Investigation Part 2: Young Farmers and Red Tape – Disturbing Green Cert Discovery

In the second part of our investigation, Grace Treston explores a disturbing discovery regarding the infamous Green Cert:

Investigation Part 1: Young Farmers and Red Tape- Heard of Forgotten Farmers?

In the first of a new three-part investigation into problems facing young farmers, Grace Treston looks at the Forgotten Farmers:

Just who is telling the truth? Department and Minister differ on weed killer usage on crops

Different answers are being given by Minister Creed and his department on the important health risk of the weed killer glyphosate and its use on our crops. Thats Farming investigates.

Weed killer in our crops: political parties react

Following on from our investigation into the use of weed killer on our tillage crops a number of political parties and agriculture spokespeople including MEP Mairead McGuinness have responded.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong; the department and the Cattle tag 'monolopy'

Another roadblock in cattle tag approval means Cormac Tagging still can’t sell their tags despite their initial approval this week and has raised serious questions around the implementation of competition law regarding the cattle tagging contract.