All Things Haulage - Matthew Logue

Although this week’s featured haulier has yet to take his place on the road behind the wheel, Matthew Logue can lay the claim of being one of the country’s youngest truck owners, having bought his aged just 14!

From Stable to Stable - The Shire

A tall black horse, usually with four white legs, and with only 240 remaining in Existence, the Shire horse is one native to the UK. Read all about the breed below.

From Stable to Stable - The Konik horse

A breed with less than 1,000 specimens remaining, the Konik horse is probably one of the world’s rarest and smallest breeds. Read all about the breed on this week’s ‘From Stable to Stable’ below!

From Stable to Stable - The Camargue Horse

A horse breed native to the Camargue region of France and one originally used for working with cattle, the Camargue is one of the world’s most ancient and rarest breeds. Read all about the beauty behind the Camargue breed below.

From Stable to Stable - The Falabella miniature horse

One of the world’s smallest breeds usually standing at 8hands tall or less, the Falbella is this week’s featured horse breed. Read all about the breed below.

From Stable to Stable - The Newfoundland Pony

A breed so rare that is was recently listed as Critically Endangered by the Livestock Conservancy, the Newfoundland pony is a breed native to Canada, with between 200-250 ponies remaining in existence.

All Things Haulage - Jamie King

On ‘All Things Haulage’ this week, Kevin speaks to 22-year-old Clare native and truck enthusiast, Jamie King. Read his story below.

Feature - Anne Healy, bringing back the horseshoe tradition.

Kevin speaks to Laois native and Kilkenny resident, Anne Healy, who is running a company based on the old Irish traditions of the lucky horseshoe. Read more below.