Horse Breeder: Tara Stud

Catherina speaks to Derek Iceton who is feeding close to 700 cattle; growing 300 acres of corn and runs Tara Stud.

Horse Breeder: David Browne

Catherina meets David Browne, a horse breeder that is running a powerful enterprise with his parents and has already gained a powerful reputation internationally at the shy age of 17!

Horse Breeder of the Week: Nicola McCarthy

24-year-old Nicola McCarthy is making big waves in the horse breeding circles and scooped a major award with one of her very own horses in 2017.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet Kate Hoare

Kate Hoare, a Solicitor and her father run a sheep, suckler &horse enterprise in Co. Galway. The team have celebrated major success at the RDS Horse Show down through the years.

Equine Breeder: A family trio making waves with Connemara ponies

Catherina meets Caoilfhinn O’Malley, a young horse breeder renowned for her involvement on the show circuit with multi-prize winning Connemara ponies.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Breeding Horses for decades in Co. Kilkenny!

Catherina speaks to Mal Tynan, a 73-year-old who has dedicated his life to horses, by engaging in recreational work, transporting coal from coal mines and breeding high-end foals. Read about his journey here.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet Lorcan Glynn – A 20 year-old Horse Breeder making waves in Co. Roscommon.

Catherina meets Lorcan Glynn, a third generation horse and cattle breeder who is studying an Agricultural degree in G.M.I.T/ Mountbellew.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Turning a €5,000 investment into 25 horses in two years at the age of 18!

Catherina speaks to Luke Cafolla, who sealed one major deal for a horse over two years ago, which allowed him to establish a major stud in Co. Kildare.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Sharon Mannion

Catherina speaks to Sharon Mannion, a lady that comes from a family that are breeding Irish Draught horses for over eighty years.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Acorn Stud- Creating waves right across the globe!

Jerome and Lisa Hulin bred their first Group-3 winner earlier this year.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet Daniel Molloy – An Irish Draught & pedigree Beef Shorthorn breeder!

Daniel’s interest in horses began at the age of 8 and all these years later, he is running one of Ireland’s leading operations with Irish Draughts.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet the young ambitious lady behind Tinnahinch Stud!

Katie Lawless has caused a major stir since arriving on Irish soil, sweeping the boards at major events.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet the family managing a Stud & Bloodstock Enterprise

A powerful group of women are currently running the show in Kildare. Read the full interview.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet the family managing Bonmahon Sport Horses, a Stud and an insemination centre!

Ballinasisla Stud is a hive of activity for over three decades now! Meet this week's Horse Breeder of the Week: The Fitzgerald family from Co. Waterford.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet the family behind the Rathbarry & Glenview Studs

Catherina speaks to Catherine Cashman, one of the owners of the Cork based prestigious stud farms.