Farmer's Diary: Every farm needs a horse - especially this one

As if grass cover wasn’t scarce enough, I go and get myself a horse, writes Clodagh Hughes.

WATCH - From Stable to Stable - The Morgan Horse

Did you know that the Morgan Horse breed is one of the first breeds developed in the United States? And that it can be traced back to a solitary foundation sire? The Morgan horse is now one of the world’s most popular breeds. Watch it in action and r

From Stable to Stable - The Suffolk Punch

Also known as the Suffolk Punch, the Suffolk horse is an English breed of draught horse with approximately 300 specimens remaining and one which features on the crest of a prestigious football club.

Stable to Stable - The Fjord horse

Also known as the Norwegian Fjord Horse, the Fjord is a small breed of horse hailing from the mountains of western Norway and one of the world's oldest surviving breeds. Read about the breed below.

Stable to Stable - The Knabstrupper

This week’s featured horse breed hails from Denmark and is widely known for its leopard-like markings. Read all about the Knabstrupper breed below.