Moving from dairy to suckler farming

The 23-year-old was the leader of Team Ireland in the Young Handlers' Competition at the World Hereford Conference.

‘I purchased my first ever suck calf with my Communion money’

The 22-year-old student rents a 40-acre farm and has her own herd of pedigree Hereford and Angus cattle.

Farmer Focus: Glaslough Herefords

“I hope to continue my father’s legacy and grow the foundation that he built,"

Farmer Focus: Kye Herefords

'People go to football; we go to shows,' - Padraig McGrath

Agri-Biz: Sandra Bogan

Catherina meets Sandra Bogan, a pedigree Hereford cattle breeder and crafts enthusiast who spent over 25 years working for a semi-state company.

Junior Farmers: Meet Justin (13) who has his own herd of pedigree Hereford cattle

This week’s junior farmer comes from Donegal and between helping out on his families 360 cow dairy farm he has his own herd of ewes and pedigree Hereford cattle.