Frack Off!

It has been announced that today’s meeting of the Dáil will see the implementing of a bill to ban fracking.

Upcoming seminar to promote farmers health

Teagasc have announced it will hold a seminar promoting Farmers Health in conjunction with the Australian Centre for Farmer Health.

Department confirm bird flu death is strain found in rest of Europe

The Department officially confirmed today the dead duck in Wexford was carrying the H5N8 virus.

TF Podcast: Kevin Kennedy Fitness

Founder of Anu dairy Kevin Kennedy joins us for a new fitness segment. This week we're talking about getting into training after the Christmas binge and Protein just how much is good?

Sheep Guide Part 7: Attacks

In the next of our comprehensive sheep guide, we look at the ten ways you can deal with a dog attack on your flock:

Top Things to do this Weekend!

Climb to the top of towering Donegal sea stacks that have been explored by less people than the moon!

Benefits of Manuka Honey: A Sweet Saga

Is this wonder-product really as reliable as we think? Gain some insight into the real story of Manuka here:

Antibiotic-Resistant E Coli Strain found in 24% of Supermarket Chicken

The strain of E-Coli was found in a quarter of all chickens tested by the team in Cambridge University.