WATCH: 'The beef farmer, bit by bit, is being squeezed out of business' - Collins

“The very mention of Brexit a couple of years ago, gave the perfect excuse, for the factories to cut the prices"

Farm building applications on traditional farms are set to receive approvals this month

Building grant applicants to receive grant approvals this month.

“We were conned.” New hen harrier scheme will not redress land valuation losses for affected farmers

Farmers were made promises that land designated under hen harrier protection zones would be compensated for any loss in the value of their land. That hasn't happened as Tom Jordan has found out.

Door closing on Sheep Welfare Scheme

Deadline for the €25m scheme fast approaching. Have you got your paperwork in?

Young farmers Series: 2 Grants and labour

In our second installment in our young farmers series we take a look at the myriad of young farmer grants and just how do you manage labour.