WATCH: €4.38/kg for BBX heifer at Gortatlea

"The last calf sale of the year ended on a high with a great trade and a big crowd around the ring."

Weanling bulls make up to €3.65/kg at Gortatlea

Cows sold for up to €2.20/kg, heifers hit €2.42/kg and bullocks made up to €2.36/kg.

Weanling bulls hit €3.00/kg at Gortatlea

Cull cows sold to €2.11/kg, while heifers climbed to €2.78/kg, weanling heifers reached €2.78/kg and bullocks realised €2.37/kg.

Bullocks top out at €1,940 at Gortatlea

Cull cows sold to €1.87/kg, bulls peaked at €2.31/kg, heifers made up to €2.32/kg and bullocks realised €2.28/kg.

Cull cows top out at €2.05/kg at Gortatlea

Heifers sold to €2.45/kg, bullocks peaked at €2.30/kg, weanling heifers made up to €2.82/kg and weanling bulls fetched up to €2.95/kg.

Weanling heifers sell to €3.36/kg at Gortatlea

Cull cows made up to €2.08/kg, heifers topped out at €2.48/kg, bullocks hit €2.49/kg and weanling bulls topped out at €2.79/kg.

Cull cows make over €2.00/kg at Gortatlea

Bulls sold to €2.06/kg, heifers made up to €2.38/kg, bullocks topped out at €2.26/kg, weanling bulls realised €3.16/kg and weanling heifers followed at €2.92/kg.

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More buyer activity at Gortatlea

“An exceptionally large show of cow numbers with some 300 cows going under the hammer in; prices held firm and quality lots met a flying trade with strong activity around the ring.”

Heifers hit €2,240 at Gortatlea's Anniversary Sale

“It was great to see prices for good stores holding as good as this time last year. It shows confidence in the trade which is much needed for everyone” – Maurice Brosnan