Going for Goats - The Dutch Landrace Goat

A breed, as the name suggests, originating in the Netherlands and once down to only two surviving specimens, The Dutch Landrace goat is this week’s featured goat breed. Read all about the breed below.

Goat Update: Goatober and rearing goats for meat

“We don’t want to see the dairy goat farms of Ireland in a situation similar to Bobby Calves in New Zealand” - Ami Madden

Going for Goats - The Bilberry Goat

This week’s featured breed hails from Ireland and calls Waterford county its home, a bred on the verge of extinction, the Bilberry Goat.

Going for Goats - The Rocky Mountain goat

In ‘Going for Goats’ this week, we profile the champion goat of the Rocky Mountains in North America, known as the Oreamnos americanus or the Rocky Mountain goat. Read all about the breed below.

Going for Goats - Nigerian Dwarf goat

This week on ‘Going for Goats’ we have yet another dwarf breed, this time hailing from Africa, it’s the Nigerian Dwarf goat. Picture - babygoatsandfriends.com.