Farming 1,000 deer, 350 wild boar and 150 goats in Cork

"The modern chef is very different, they want to deal with the organic farmer with a good quality product.”

WATCH: Milking 500 goats in Cavan

The average yield is 3.3-litres/goat/day.

Exclusive: Goat gives birth to septuplets

“I pulled out the 5th, 6th and 7th babies right after each other. We were incredibly amazed that all were born alive and strong”

Young Farmer - Norma Leahy

On the latest installment of the ‘Young Farmer’ series, Kevin caught up with 21 year old sheep, goat and beef farmer, Norma Leahy, who also works as a calf exporter and in two marts in her native Co. Limerick. Read her story now below!

Going for Goats - The Tauernsheck Goat

A goat breed native to Austria and primarily raised for dairy purposes, the Tauernsheck is a very uniquely marked breed and one of the world’s rarest breeds.

Going for Goats - The Toggenburg goat

One of the oldest known dairy goat breeds, the Toggenburg goat hails from St. Gallen in Switzerland and is capable of producing up to 750kgs of milk per lactation. Read all about the breed below.

Going for Goats - The Arapawa goat

A breed which can be traced back to two solitary goats which were left on their now native Island by Captain Cook, the Arapawa goat is a feral and multi-coloured breed now native to New Zeland’s Arapawa Island.

Going for Goats - The Dutch Landrace Goat

A breed, as the name suggests, originating in the Netherlands and once down to only two surviving specimens, The Dutch Landrace goat is this week’s featured goat breed. Read all about the breed below.

Goat Update: Goatober and rearing goats for meat

“We don’t want to see the dairy goat farms of Ireland in a situation similar to Bobby Calves in New Zealand” - Ami Madden