WATCH: Milking 500 goats in Cavan

The average yield is 3.3-litres/goat/day.

ETTG: Golden Goat, Leitrim Flower and tackling wildlife poachers

Cutting the carbon footprint of a beef enterprise and adding value to goats’ milk, running a 12-acre flower farm in Leitrim and training Gardaí to tackle poaching – see more here.

Goat Update: A GoFundMe campaign to fix a storm-damaged roof

“I have learned from being a mother not to be afraid to ask for help when it’s needed and this is one of those times” - Ami Madden

Goat Update: Dingle Food Festival and surviving Storm Callum

Ami travelled to Dingle Food Festival where JP Mc Mahon cooked up a goat storm and on the farming front, there was an ordeal when a fox came to visit the hen house.

Goat Update: Slaughtering goats and working on a secret development

Ami processed goat meat samples that will be cooked by JP Mc Mahon and worked with a Mayo butcher to experiment with goat media recipes and ideas.

Goat Update: Goatober and rearing goats for meat

“We don’t want to see the dairy goat farms of Ireland in a situation similar to Bobby Calves in New Zealand” - Ami Madden

Goat Update: Taking a break away to sunnier shores

Goat farmer Ami prepared everything on the farm for the volunteer before she departed the Emerald Isle for a holiday.

Goat Update: Preparing for the breeding season and back to school

Ami prepared the herd for the breeding season and her children returned to school - read Goat Ireland's most recent update here.

You've Goat to be kidding me

A goat takes over a local police car, and let's officers know who's boss.

Food Heroes: St. Tola Goat's cheese

This week's Food Heroes is all about cheese and we take a spin to County Clare to meet St. Tola's Irish goat cheese.