VIDEO: Vet called to cow with timber tongue

“The lesions on the tongue are chronic granulomatous, typically yellow in colour."

Graphic Content: Chronic copper toxicity in a ram

Gerard McGovern explains that some breeds of sheep have a low tolerance to copper.

Graphic Content: Cavan vet delivers calf with ‘two heads fused into one body’

The C-section was relatively straightforward, until the second head attached to the same body appeared, McGovern explained.

VIDEO: Septic arthritis/joint ill in calf

Graphic content: All cases of lameness in calves less than 8 weeks of age, should be considered septic, unless proven otherwise, McGovern explained.

Pictures: Bulldog calf

Graphic content: Gerard McGovern received a call about a heifer with dystocia.

Photos: What was this cow diagnosed with?

The cow was unable to open her mouth, due to spasticity of her jaw muscles.