Up to €237/head for breeding hoggets at Kilkenny

Some 800 lots were on offer, with up to €148 for cull ewe and up to €131 for ewe lambs.

‘The fact that some factories may be forced to close is a worrying development' - Candler

“The wearing of masks is now suggested to operate in all livestock marts and compliance yesterday was about 98%.” Candler added.

Trade easier by €2-€4/head at Kilkenny

Wholesale and butcher-type lambs were in short supply, according to Candler.

Some stabilisation in the sheep trade

Heavy lambs peaked at €127 at Kilkenny.

Plainer-types a harder sell at Kilkenny

Candler noted that cull cows met a solid trade.

More positive trade helping to restore confidence – Candler

Kilkenny Mart – Cattle Prices – Mart Report – Thursday, January 23rd.

Bullocks up €30-€70/head at Kilkenny

“Buyers were out in force, anxious to secure animals before the end of the year” – Candler

Heifers up €10-€20/head at Kilkenny

“Is the worst over?” – asks George Candler

Heavy, out-of-spec stock ‘difficult to get away’ at Kilkenny

Trade was sharper for in-spec continental bullocks, according to Candler.

Reduced factory quotes 'not helping the situation' - Candler

Butcher and factory-type lambs were easier by €2-€3/head

Tougher trade for lambs at Kilkenny

“Larger numbers from Northern Ireland and further afield helping to swell numbers in the factories” – Candler

More farmer customers at Kilkenny

Trade aided by buyers "specifically looking for quality continental bullocks and heifers"

‘Farmers need to go back to selling their beef now’ – auctioneer

“Those still at the factory gates should not stop fellow farmers who now need to dispose of beef before they go over-age or over-fit"

Sharper trade for bullocks and heifers at Kilkenny

"The sharper trade can be attributed to the resilience of farmers rather than any positivity in the marketplace,"

‘Bully-boy tactics from either side will only lead to more animosity’

'Here’s hoping an acceptable resolution can be achieved in the dispute between Beef Plan and factories'

‘Is that what the factories want?’

“Do factories realise that a lot of farmers who bought cattle in the past have either gone into contract rearing or reduced numbers dramatically?”

Exporters keep a floor on prices at Kilkenny

“A bigger sale of calves compared to last week but quality not of the same high standard as other weeks.” – Candler

Light, plain-types difficult to sell at Kilkenny

“Good to see more life for heavier bullocks, heifers and cows” - Candler