Friday Funnies: Don't have a cow man!

On this week's Friday Funnies, we stick to the Cow theme. Let me tell you, we haven't milked it, its hilarious!!

Friday Funnies

What more can I say than this week's installment is priceless, If you don't laugh at these you need your head checked!!

Friday Funnies: Funny Farmers

On this week's Friday Funnies we have some pictures from some of our hilarious followers.

Friday Funnies: Silage Fails

On this week's Friday funnies we stick to the silage theme, seeing as the season is in full swing.

Friday Funnies

Check out these hilarious pictures and videos we received this week.

Friday Funnies: Fun Slurry bants

Take a look at some of the hilariously funny pictures we got in this week.

Friday Funnies

This week we received loads of funny pictures and videos. Check out some of the top ones sent in this week.

Friday Funnies: Only one cure for the dose!

We received this picture in from Michelle Gamble, her lambs starting young!

Friday Funnies "Puck off'

Saoirse Gill was out helping her uncle Oisin this week, she mightn't be too keen next week!