WATCH: That's Gardening - Controlling weeds

If weeds are left, they will create a new generation

WATCH: That's Gardening - Planting lettuce

The horticulturist shows us how to make a window box of salad plants

WATCH: How can I keep roses in bloom?

"Picking the top varieties is very important"

Tillage Farming: Silage Season

Busy week for Gary this week with baling, wrapping and drawing silage. Silage season is well and truly on.

Gardaí investigate destruction of Kiltimagh home

Gardaí have announced that they are currently investigating the recent gorse/house fire in the Kiltimagh region, along with other high profile fires around the country.

Scheme payments will go up in smoke!

The Department of Agriculture are in the process of investigating recent fires, with any offenders found to lose out on scheme payments.