New Dating Phenomenon targeted at Farming Men & Women!

Three men and three ladies from around Ireland will go on a dinner date together. Read the full story here.

Thiefs run out of gas

Two men entered a farm in county Down and attempted to steal diesel.

NZ University chancellor says female vets are only two fifths as good as male counterparts

A NZ University chancellor has come under fire for his sexist remarks.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong; the department and the Cattle tag 'monolopy'

Another roadblock in cattle tag approval means Cormac Tagging still can’t sell their tags despite their initial approval this week and has raised serious questions around the implementation of competition law regarding the cattle tagging contract.

How can Farmers Save Rural Communities from Extinction?

Changes in access to farms could be a way to save our rural communities. Read more about this interesting perspective here:

Farm Accidents Involving Children To Common

Farm accidents are much too often becoming the topic of conversation these days