VIDEO: How a well-equipped handling yard makes life easier for this farmer

Livestock can be moved from any shed to the facility via a purpose-built alley.

VIDEO: Farming 6,000 cattle, 54,000 pigs, 400,000 and 10,700 hectares

They make at least 40,000 tonnes of silage, approximately 2,000 tonnes of hay and 10,000 tonnes of grass silage.

You're not a farmer if you haven't...

Who are the real farmers?

VIDEO: Galway farmer uses farm equipment as home gym

“Farmers have loads of space and loads of equipment that you could designate for some personal exercise.”

'No farmers, no food, no future'

60% of farmers have gone over the last 100 years and the 40% that are left, are constantly being asked to produce more for less.