Young Farmer - Adrian Seale

A dairy farmer in a three-way farm partnership with his father and uncle, Adrian Seale spoke to That’sFarming this week as part of our Young Farmer Series. Read Adrian’ story below.

Women in Ag: Marian Dalton

“People have never doubted my abilities as a woman in Agriculture.” Catherina meets Marian Dalton, who started farming when she married a farmer over thirty-five years ago.

Poll: New rules on cattle movement

Should the destination herd number be specified before a certificate of compliance is issued? - Let us know your thoughts in this week's poll.

Sheep Guide - Finishing lambs, show prep, fly strike, cull ewe lambs and more!

What’s happening on the farms this week? Finishing lambs, show prep, haylage, picking culls, Pour on treatments for flystrike and much more! Read it all below!

Future Farming - Cockroach milk? Really?

With many consumers looking for alternative dairy alternatives, scientists reckon they have found the latest milk superfood and it is produced by cockroaches!