Farmer’s Diary: Introducing Katy Browne, running one of Ireland’s only Ryeland sheep flock.

On this week’s Farmer’s Diary, Kevin speaks to Katy Browne, who now runs one of the only flocks of Ryeland sheep in the country.

Farmers Diary: Meet Eamonn a part time beef farmer finishing 250 head a year

Eamon Fallon joins us for our new Farmers Diary section telling us all about his farming practice in South Roscommon.

Farmers Diary: Waterbelly a strange and deadly condition

Heard of waterbelly? Neither had John until last week.

Farmers Diary: The silage is done and we are hoping for that elusive bit of hay

John shares his farming week and is enjoying a breather while the suns shines for once.

Farmers Diary: James Hurley's Dairy Farm in West Cork!

James Hurley's farm in West Cork is gone paint mad this week! From Communion's to Tail painting!!

Farmers Diary: Cities need us more than ever

This week’s farmers diary comes from London not the farming capital of the world but a place where a lot of farm produces ends up.

Farmers Diary: Spring has sprung

It’s nearly St. Patrick's day and the farmers of Ireland are turning their minds to letting out their stock. John shares his thoughts in this week's farmers diary.

Farmers Diary: Dealing with death on the farm

This week’s farmers diary is about something that every farmer hates but is a reality of farm life.

Farmers Diary: A tricky sheep section turned me into a surgery assistant for the night!

That's Farming editor John Connell didn't think he'd be turning into a vet's assistant when a sheep had to get a section at the weekend, but that's farming!

Farmers Diary: Calving down, spreading and fixing up the dairy with Brian

Brian Joyce is a dairy farmer and is busy calving down this week. He's also turning his hand to some slurry spreading a big importance at this time of year.

Farmer's Diary: Nuffield Chair Geoff Dooley's Agri-Story

This week's Farmer's Diary is in the hands of Nuffield Ireland's new chairman, Geoff Dooley: Dedicated to making farming better:

Farmers Diary: Enjoying the calm before the storm on Darragh's dairy farm

Darragh is getting ready for a busy spring on his family dairy farm in Mayo.

Farmers Diary: Scanning ewes with Adrian

Adrian Boyle is a suckler and sheep farmer in Galway and takes us through his farming week in this week's Farmers Diary.

Farmers Diary: Dealing with machinery breakdowns with Noel

Noel Owen's been having a hell of a week with a machinery breakdown.

Farmers Diary: Lambing down with Suzanna

Suzanna Crampton joins us for this week's farm diary to talk about lambing time on her farm.

Farmers Diary: Getting into the Xmas spirit with Lorna

This week's farmers diary comes from farmer and Author Lorna Sixsmith. Lorna has a beef and dairy farm in Laois.