VIDEO: Farmer Phil explains the benefits of topping

"In this video, we go topping with the Massey 6290 and JD 10ft mower."

VIDEO: Purchasing a new tractor

Farmer Phil unveils the latest addition to his new fleet.

VIDEO: Herding cattle with a drone

"We have cattle like some people have sheep."

VIDEO: Baling rushes

“We go off baling rushes expecting a small number of bales and ended up with over 100 bales” – Farmer Phil

VIDEO: The jag is out!

Silage season is underway in Co. Longford.

VIDEO: A day in the life of a farmer/contractor/Youtuber

What is Farmer Phil's routine during the month of April?

VIDEO: ‘It felt like getting out of jail’

Farmer Phil gets the task completed after “another 2 days, another breakdown and another very late night”.

VIDEO: Servicing a MF 3690

Farmer Phil services ‘the mule’ without any help.

VIDEO: Turning cattle out to grass

Farmer Phil has vaccinated a group of yearlings and turned them out to grass.