WATCH: ‘I realised my life is possibly over’’

William’s life changed forever on Easter Monday 1990.

‘I woke up 2-and-a-half-months later’ - farm accident survivor

David Butler said he is “lucky to be alive” after sustaining life-threatening injuries when a tree felling exercise went wrong.

WATCH: “I just remember the wheel going over me”

Kerrie Leonard was just six-years-old when her life changed forever. She was in the tractor cab when she lost her grip and fell; she was left paralysed.

WATCH: “I was there under the bike for about 45-minutes”

Kevin McGarry lost both legs below the knee as a result of a bike accident in New Zealand. Since then, he has studied Dairy Business at UCD and purchased his own farm.

WATCH: “I thought I was going to die there and then”

Aengus Mannion was pinned against a tree by a teleporter; he underwent 29 operations and struggled mentally after the accident.

WATCH: “I could see the coffin” – farmer attacked by bull

Liam O'Keeffe was heading off to town to get some machinery parts when he noticed his bull was not in his usual place in the yard - what happened next has changed his life forever.

“He struck me in the chest and lifted me up in the air” – farm accident survivor

“I’m so lucky to be alive” - A bull attack left Ann Doherty – a mother-of-three - with a fractured sternum, three cracked ribs and a fractured thumb. She now lives forever with the injuries.